Sunday, June 11, 2017

George Henry d: 13 July 1868

On our hike at Lake Anna State Park (VA) last weekend, I had the opportunity to walk for a time with a neighbor who told me she had inherited some vital record documents from her father. The documents meant nothing to her, and she didn’t think her daughter cared, so she was going to throw them out. The genealogist in me said, “If you’ll loan them to me, I’ll scan them and put them on my blog. That way if there is anyone out there researching this family, they can find them.” She agreed.

Early yesterday morning I scanned fourteen large documents of her father’s relatives in England and Ireland. There was also a folder of responses her dad received during the 1950s and 1960s from letters he sent to Irish custom houses, circuit courts and hospitals looking for records on William Henry and George Henry. The letters were to officials in Dublin, County Cork, The Waterford Heritage Society, and the Huguenot Society. I did come upon one letter – finally – dated 22 January 1952 when he received a positive reply from the Hospitals for Diseases of the Chest. His death was registered in the County of Middlesex, and is in the General Register Office, Somerset House, London. That letter is shown below.

Over the next period of time I will post more of these documents with the hope they will prove helpful to some researcher here or abroad.

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