Friday, August 12, 2016

If I ruled the genealogy world . . .

If I ruled the genealogy world I would provide genealogy clubs/societies with a free and well maintained web hosting service. I would recognize all the good work they do, no matter their size.

Because I understand how important it is to announce their meetings, conferences, and to communicate with their members.

I understand how important it is for genealogists to reach out to these groups for help with research in the far away places.

Once again, it has been over 12 days (and counting) - yes, 12 days that has allowed their free genealogy club/society web hosting site (Rootsweb) to be down. The only saving grace this time is that the pages are up - but new information - like our society's fall conference details - cannot be published. When I wrote to them about that situation 12 days ago, the response was, they were down for "maintenance" "sorry for the inconvenience."

Apparently, management team is more interested in counting their money than in maintaining their sites.

So, if I ruled the genealogy world . . .

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