Sunday, May 1, 2016

Agard Family Do-Over – Researching the Storrs Family of Tolland County, Connecticut

It's a cold rainy day in Virginia, but the bluebirds and hummingbirds still come for some refreshment, entertaining us as we sit at our computers researching our family lines.

In 1685 Esther Agard (founding member of the Agards in America), married Samuel Storrs of Barnstable, MA. In 1698, Samuel, Esther and her son, John Agard, along with Samuel’s six children moved to Mansfield, Connecticut. It was there that Samuel and Esther had three more children, Thomas, Esther and Cordial, and those are the ones I have been working on today – especially Esther.

I had written down that she married William Hall. To verify that has been a challenge. I find birth and baptismal records for the children of William and Esther, but none of the records I came across said it was Esther Storrs. Until I found a USGenWeb Project document of Tolland County, Connecticut, Family Outlines, Hall Family of Tolland, Connecticut that lists the Hall family with a William Hall marrying Esther Storrs. The list of children in this document matches other lists I have seen.

In the meantime, I sent a note off to the Tolland County Historical Society to see if there might be other resources that confirms the union of William and Esther. And I, too, will keep searching.


  1. Tolland? I learned 2 weeks ago that one family line I'm tracing runs through Tolland. It's the Lathrop family, descended from Rev. John Lothrop, who's buried in Barnstable (1653) and has a memorial there. He's considered the originator of the Congregational Church in America. Lathrops lived in Tolland for 3 generations at least. Any married into your family? This is Katie's dad's family!

  2. Funny you should ask. I am a descendant of Rev. John Lowthropp through my great-grandmother, Jessie Tucker Agard. Her great-grandmother was Fanny Lathrop Cleveland, daughter of Zachariah of Norwich, CT. I believe it was Samuel b: abt 1622 who changed the spelling to Lathrop. A good source of information on this family is Rev. E.B. Huntington's book, A genealogical Memoir of the Lo-Lathrop Family in this Country. We have been to the Sturgis Library in Barnstable and saw the bible. So, Katie and I are related :). Welcome into the family.