Monday, December 21, 2015

DNA Testing – Buyer Beware

Yesterday’s blog by TheLegal Genealogist, Judy Russell was eye opening.  As most genealogists know, Ancestry offers DNA testing – AncestryDNA. But so does another company called, AncestrybyDNA. It’s that “by” word that is confusing people.

Ms. Russell points out that an autosomal test from Ancestry DNA identifies 700,000 informative markers; tests run by AncestrybyDNA provides ancestral proportions based on 144 informative markers. A slight difference.

Anyone considering taking a DNA test should first do their homework. Check out Judy Russell’s website as she writes often about what’s new on the DNA scene. Another good site to read is Your Genetic Genealogist by CeCe Moore. 

Bottom line is know what you are paying for and what results you expect from the test.

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