Sunday, October 18, 2015

Herbert Beardsley 1888 - 1918

Herbert Beardsley abt 1898

I don't have much information on Herbert, but I did have this cute photo in my collection. The photo was taken by Herb Saylor. I'm assuming Herbert was around ten years old when it was taken. He was a nephew to my great-grandmother, Jessie Tucker Agard. This photo, along with a number of others was stored in a corner of the family barn for many years. I saved as many as I could, but this photo has much damage.
What I do know is that Herbert Beardsley was the first child of Frank J. and Carrie B. (Tucker) Beardsley. Herbert remained single, living with his parents and working on the farm of Mr. Bodle. In January 1916 he fractured his leg from jumping from a wagon.[1] 

On 20 December 1918, Herbert succumbed to a bout of pneumonia, a result of influenza. His funeral was held at the home.[2]  Herbert was buried in the Mecklenburg (NY) Union Cemetery next to his parents, Frank and Carrie (Tucker) Beardsley, though the stone is indexed as “Robert W. Beardsley.”

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