Tuesday, March 3, 2015

History Channel – Take a lesson from Genealogists

A recent frustrating experience trying to access a History Channel episode of Brad Meltzer’s Lost History prompted this blog post.  The episode in question aired December 26, and one of the stories featured a someone we know.

This interesting show is not available for viewing online. They locked the episodes, and now they are no longer available.  Oh, wait, they were available! All you had to do was jump through a number of hoops. Download their app – done.  Pick cable provider from their list – done.  If you made it through those hurdles, then they wanted your cable provider username and password.  You’ve GOT to be kidding!!!  

Take note: The mission of the genealogy organizations we belong to is to share information, assist fellow genealogists in any way possible.  Make information easily available.

The History Channel gets an F. I hope they change their procedures to better serve their audience.

In the meantime, I sent an email to Brad Meltzer sharing my frustration that his programs are not easily viewed.  I thank him and you for letting me vent!

My next post will be more in line with genealogy research. This morning we attended a lecture by Fort Myers Regional Library Reference Librarian, Bryan L. Mulcahy. Now there is someone who understands sharing!!!

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