Sunday, May 4, 2014

Is Mildred Mohrman our Aunt Millie?

Emilie Nunn was born 8 March 1897. At the age of three years, two months she was placed in St. Joseph’s Home, Peekskill, NY, along with her five siblings.  In 1905 and early 1910 she remained an inmate at the home.   Later that year she was released to her sister, Elizabeth Nunn Siebert, for visits.  And that is when I lost Emilie.

My cousins, grandchildren of Elizabeth, recently told me their “Aunt Millie” aka Emilie had married several times and was living in California.  Otherwise they had lost track of her.

This morning I found a Mildred Mohrman, born 8 March 1897; died 13 August 1980, father’s name: Nunn.  At the time of her death Mildred was living at 92345 Hesperia, San Bernadino, California.  She was the wife of Belden Mohrman who died 7 October 1953. Since he served in the Navy, they are buried in the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, California.

Belden Mohrman had been married twice before. His wife before Mildred was Olive.

We are fairly confident that Mildred Mohrman, aka Aunt Millie, aka Emilie Nunn is our relative.  Upon receipt of her obit we shall know for sure. 

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