Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stafford Civil War Park

Stafford Civil War Park
Opened 2013
Nothing less than dogged determination, stick-to-itiveness, and tremendous community support was required to accomplish the new Stafford Civil War Park that opened in April 2013.  According to the Friends of the Park’s website:
“The park exists today in no small measure due to key material contributions including 6000 tons of stone from Vulcan Materials Inc., concrete cast pipe from the Americast Hanover Pipe Plant, engineering support from Stafford made possible by a grant from the Civil War Trust, asphalt at cost from Virginia Paving and a grant by the Archaeological Institute of America for park signs as well as many smaller, yet still critical, donations of time and money from countless individuals.   
Perhaps most important of all donations were three “Innovative Readiness Training Exercises”, the FSCWS proposed to the VA Army and Air National Guard that were conducted during the summers of 2011 and 2012. These exercises provided great training to VA Soldiers and Airmen on key combat skills, and have been estimated to have been worth as much as 2 million dollars to the park.” 

Our history club toured the park today and was awed to see for ourselves what a few determined men accomplished.  To see for yourself, the history of the park is nicely captured in a short YouTube video.

We encourage visitors to the Fredericksburg area to include the Stafford Civil War Park in their history tour itinerary. 

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