Sunday, June 30, 2013

Genealogy Using DAR Resources

Pat Milnes gave an informative presentation on the DAR’s genealogy online search features at the Fredericksburg Regional Genealogy Society’s June meeting. 

The DAR’s website is pretty straightforward, so I won’t go step by step, but I did want to share a few tips.

On the Home Page click on “Genealogy,” and you will come to “Collection Highlights.” Of course we want to find out if our ancestor is listed, so click “Online Research,” and then get right into the GRS (Genealogical Research System).  Clicking on “Ancestor” will bring up a simple form. Fill in your ancestor’s name, click the “Search” bottom at the bottom and wait for the information to unfold.  If you do have an ancestor in their database, a list will appear, with “Purchase” boxes alongside each. But …

Some warnings from Pat:
The blue question mark next to an “S” means Short Form – Don’t purchase this! It does not have the information you seek.
“EL” means there is an error in the lineage – Don’t purchase! 
A small “s” means there is supporting documentation - o.k. to purchase. 

Other notes: When doing research at the Washington DAR Library, cameras and scanners are not allowed; laptops are welcome.

The “Analytical Index” and GRC (Genealogical Records Committee) are in-house use only.

You can purchase records via credit card for $10 each; $15 for orders placed by mail or fax.  If you can’t get to Washington, the DAR offers a search service for an hourly fee.

Pat convinced us that the DAR has a wonderful genealogical research library just waiting for us.

The club’s next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 11th featuring noted national speaker Barbara Vines Little, who will be discussing methods for researching Virginia records and repositories. 

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