Monday, November 28, 2011

Amanuensis Monday – Alex Hamilton Bible 1831

You never know what you are going to find in the donations to the Friends of the C.H. Booth Library book sale , and so I was not at all surprised to find under a pile of older books waiting for evaluation by our rare book expect photocopied family pages from an 1831 bible. The family record is of Alexander Hamilton of Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

On the back page is written: The Property of Alex Hamilton
Bought at Auction in New York March 28, 1832
No 18

The Family Record, which is written in the same handwriting reads:

Marriages: Alexander Hamilton and Rebecca Sherman were married August 21, 1833 at Bridgeport, Conn by Rev. Henry R. Judah.

Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Burr were married September 21st, 1836 in St. John’s church, Bridgeport, Conn by Rev. J Cort (?).

Births: Alexander Sterling Hamilton was born June 11, 1834 at Bridgeport, Conn.
Sarah Elizabeth Hamilton was born August 15, 1837
Lucy Starr Hamilton was born March 19th, 1839
Mary Elizabeth Hamilton was born May 27, 1841
Sarah Frances Hamilton was born February 15, 1843
Isabella Jane Hamilton was born April 2, 1845
Gurdon Coil Hamilton was born August 26, 1846
Daniel Starr Hamilton was born Nov 20, 1849

Rebecca Hamilton died March 11, 1835 at Bridgeport, Conn age 24 years and 13 days
Sarah E. Hamilton died September 8, 1839 aged 2 years, 26 days.
Lucy Starr Hamilton died September 22, 1841 aged 2 years, 6 months, 3 days
Sarah Frances Hamilton died August 10, 1852 aged 9 years, 5 months and 25 days
Daniel Starr Hamilton died December 15, 1849 aged 3 weeks and 4 days

And this is the questionable entry:
Alexander Hamilton died August 26 1837 (?) aged 4 years 8 months, 1 day
If this is the son born June 11, 1834, the age and dates don’t coincide. 

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