Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Nunn-Maki Nuptials, September 7, 1968

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Maki
September 7, 1968

It is a happy coincidence that our 43rd wedding anniversary falls on the day of the Wedding Wednesday prompt.  Our wedding took place at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Ithaca, NY.  

The ceremony was followed by a reception at our family restaurant, Taughannock Farms Inn.  The cake was made with love by the restaurant’s baker, Dottie Wright, and the waitresses helped keep wedding guests well fed and happy.

This was just like our car, except ours was a four door
We felt quite special as we drove off to our honeymoon in Old Forge, NY in our new 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass.  Following two days in the Adirondacks we headed to Lyons, Illinois and our apartment in the lower level of a family home so my husband could commute to his job at Libby Foods in Chicago.

Although much has changed in those forty-three years, one thing has not and that is our love and devotion to each other.  


  1. Congratulations...lovely wedding memories, and a happy future together! Enjoy your special day.

  2. Thank you, Marian. We did have a lovely day and the years flew by!