Monday, March 7, 2011

Fearless Females - Day 8 - Jessie Agard's Diaries

Jessie May Tucker Agard is another of my Fearless Females.  Jessie kept a diary for each year from 1944 through the 1960s.  It is interesting that although she was Ulysses Town Historian for twenty years, her personal diaries do not contain much socio-economic or political commentary.  Her first entry explains why she began keeping a diary. The war was on and her future son-in-law was serving overseas. Jessie participated in the war effort by making surgical dressings, and I am sure she hoped Louie would not be a recipient.
Louie Tamburino and Adeline Agard 

 Jessie also mentions her sister Addie Tucker, an unmarried schoolteacher in New Jersey. I suspect Jessie worried about here sister as well during these unsettling times. 

Diary introduction written by Jessie Agard
I kept a Diary in 1944. World War II was on – Louie Tamburino was in Service. Adeline was working in Rome. Addie was teaching in Asbury Park, N.J. She was home for the holidays. We were making “Surgical Dressings” for the war patients. We met every week at different homes in the neighborhood.
            Years ago Dr. Kelsey and his family lived in our community. I was acquainted with the family, went to school with the children, Arthur, Emma and Tom.

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