Monday, December 20, 2010

Mystery Monday - Where is Cora Stanley Cardwell?

An inherent genealogist trait is to help others. Consequently we find ourselves pulled from our own research to assist a friend or others with finding their ancestors.  One such search includes tracing Cora Stanley Cardwell.

We know that Cora’s first husband Jerome W. Stanley died April 1910. By December 31 of that same year, Cora married Harry D. Cardwell in Auburn, NY.  That may have been an unwise decision, as not two months later the police arrived at their home because of an alleged domestic dispute. As the Auburn Citizen reported, when the police arrived Mr. Cardwell “was inclined to resent their presence.” Further, “he shoved Officer Green over a chair knocking him over a jardinière that was smashed and a piece of the broken porcelain cut the bluecoat’s head.”  Consequently, Mr. Cardwell was arrested and because he couldn’t make the $25 fine, he was sent to the County Jail for 60 days.

We cannot find Cora Stanley Cardwell after this unfortunate incident.  Her children were: Lena Stanley Cornett, Bernice Stanley Carscadden, and Fordyce Stanley. Any help or suggestions on finding Cora would be appreciated. 


  1. do we know Cora's maiden name? Is there a marriage certificate for her marriage to Jerome Stanley that might show a maiden name? Are there birth certificates for her children that might provide that name? Could she have been so shamed by her circumstances that she went back to her maiden name?

  2. Jennie: Thanks for the ideas. We don't know her maiden name at this point, but will to do further research. She could have gone back to her maiden name or even to that of her first husband. Good ideas. Thank you!